Yami Gautam suffering from this disease, says faced problems while shooting

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In an interview with the newspaper Mid-day, which was published on Monday, actor Yami Gautam discussed her skin problem and how it affected her career.

The actor suffers from keratosis pilaris, a skin ailment that causes tiny pimples. Gautam had mentioned it in an October social media post.

“I recently shot for some images and just when they were about to go in for post-production to conceal my skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris, I thought, why don’t you embrace this fact and accept it enough to be okay with it,” the actress had said.

Gautam went on to say that she has been dealing with the issue for a long time. “Finally, I decided to let go of all my fears and insecurities and found the courage to love and accept my ‘flaws’ wholeheartedly,” she said.  “I also found the courage to share my truth with you.”

The actor told Mid-day that writing the post was not challenging, but rather liberating. She did say, however, that the time it took her to learn about the issue and post about it was difficult.

“When people saw me at the shoot, they would talk about how it should be airbrushed or concealed,”

Gautam told Mid-day, “That would affect me a lot. It took years to accept it and wear my confidence.

I was overwhelmed to see the response to the post.”

The actor’s social media fans applauded her for being open about her problems.

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