Adar Poonawalla Buys London’s Most Expensive House

The most expensive house sale of 2023 in London was made by Adar Poonawalla, the CEO of the Serum Institute of India,

who purchased Aberconway House for 1445 Crore (approximately 1446 Million US Dollars)

Aberconway House is a vast 1920s home located near Hyde Park

The property was previously owned by Dominika Kulczyk, the daughter of the late Polish businessman Jan Kulczyk

The transaction was agreed upon by Dominika Kulczyk and was acquired by Serum Life Sciences, a UK subsidiary of the Poonawalla family's Serum Institute of India

The deal is the second-most expensive home sale in London and the biggest deal of the year

Adar Poonawalla has no plans to permanently move to the UK

but the house will serve as a base for the company and family when they are in the UK