Amazing astrophotography on your phone

Find a dark location using a light pollution map to see the Milky Way in all its glory.

Utilize your phone's built-in Night Mode (if available) for longer exposures and clearer skies.

Explore camera apps offering manual controls for ISO, shutter speed, and focus. Experiment to find the perfect settings.

Even the slightest shake can ruin your photo. Invest in a small tripod or improvise with a stable surface.

Avoid touching your phone during capture. Use a Bluetooth remote or volume buttons (on some headphones) to minimize shake.

Set your phone's focus to infinity to capture the sharpest stars. Some camera apps allow manual focus control.

Higher ISO allows more light in, but can create noise. Experiment to find the balance between capturing faint stars and minimizing grain.

Longer exposures reveal more stars, but require a tripod. Start with 1-second exposures and adjust based on light conditions.

Edit your photos to enhance details and colors