Happiest Countries in the World 2022,according to World Happiness Report

Year 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of the World Happiness Report, which uses global survey data to report how people evaluate their own lives in more than 150 countries worldwide.

FINLAND became the world happiest country for the fifth consecutive year, according to WORLD HAPPINESS REPORT 2022

Following finland, DENMARK ranked 2nd most happiest country in the world,if you don't know let us tell you Denmark was ranked as the second-happiest country in last year’s report also.

ICELAND grabbed 3rd position in  being the happiest country world report 2022

SWITZERLAND is in 4th rank of being happiest country n the world

THE NETHERLAND is in 5th position according to 2022 survey

According to this survey,INDIA is in 136 rank out of 146 countries 

AFGHANISTAN is  ranked as the most unhappy country in the world.