Shubman Gill recently shared a heartfelt Instagram post expressing his emotions after a challenging experience.

The caption reflects Gill's feelings about a recent event that was emotionally impactful for him and the team.

He mentions that despite giving their all, the outcome didn't match their expectations, implying a sense of disappointment.

The post indicates that the team fell short of their ultimate goal, suggesting a significant competition or match.

Shubman Gill acknowledges that the journey, despite the setback, has been a testament to the team's spirit and dedication.

He emphasizes that each step in their journey has contributed to their growth and resilience.

Gill expresses gratitude to the team's incredible fans, acknowledging their unwavering support during both highs and lows.

The phrase "it’s not over until we win" reflects a determined and positive mindset, indicating a commitment to future success.

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