The number 7 has played a significant role since ancient times

It was most famously being for the seven wonders of the world and being associated with luck and magical properties in various parts of the world

In numerology, the number 7 signifies spirituality and unity.

It's considered the most "magical" number because it's the sum of all numbers divisible by 7

Psychologists have found that the average person can usually remember about seven items at a time due to the limited capacity of short-term memory.

The number 7 has significant meaning in many world religions and cultures

For instance, it's associated with the Holy Trinity in Christianity and the concept of luck in Western culture

The number 7 is often used as a symbol in literature and art

The number 7 is omnipresent in our everyday lives. It's used in titles of bestselling books, articles for intriguing readers, and even in the sequence of three sevens found in slot machines

In psychology, the number 7 represents the ego, which is the part of the personality that interacts with the outside world.