Sam Bahadur Review

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The movie “Sam Bahadur” is a recent release that has been reviewed by both critics and audience.

Positive Reviews: The film has been appreciated for the commendable performance of lead actor Vicky Kaushal, who has delivered a stellar performance as Sam Manekshaw, the first Field Marshal of India . Critics have also highlighted Kaushal’s portrayal as a major strength of the film.

Negative Reviews: However, the movie has been criticized for various reasons. One common complaint is that the film is excessively declamatory, with the background music overpowering the momentous events. Another issue is the lackluster narrative, which fails to engage the audience. Some reviewers have also criticized the movie for aimlessly meandering in most parts, trying to give us an insight into the life of one of the most revered military leaders in India’s history .

Audience Reviews: The audience has also shared their thoughts about the movie. A review from a person who attended the movie stated that “Sam Bahadur” is a brave attempt, but it aimlessly meanders in most parts .

Action Plan: If you’re planning to watch the movie, here’s what you can do:

Set Expectations: Understand that the movie is a biographical drama, so it might be a bit slow-paced and narrative-driven.

Prepare for Loud Music: The film’s music is quite loud and distracting, so it might be a good idea to wear headphones or bring earplugs.

Consider Post-Movie Discussions: After watching the movie, you might find it interesting to discuss the film’s portrayal of Sam Manekshaw and its historical accuracy with friends or in forums.

Sam Bahadur collection

The Vicky Kaushal starrer ‘Sam Bahadur‘ has performed remarkably well at the box office, even before its release.

Advance Booking: The film has garnered a gross advance booking collection of Rs 20.32 crore, which is a significant indicator of its box office potential. This amount covers a total of 66,418 tickets sold for the opening day across 3,666 shows nationwide .

Competition: ‘Sam Bahadur’ is set to clash with another big-budget film, ‘Animal’, at the box office. Both films have been highly anticipated, and their opening day collections are expected to be closely contested.

Special Screening: Prior to its release, a special screening was held for ‘Sam Bahadur’. During this event, Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif were seen walking hand-in-hand, adding to the film’s hype .

Director’s Take: In an interview, the film’s director, Sandeep Reddy Vanga, stated that both films are playing for the same team, emphasizing that they are contributing to the growth of Hindi cinema .

Audience Reaction: While both films have been receiving positive buzz, the audience will ultimately decide which film achieves greater success .

Remember, the success of a film at the box office often depends on multiple factors, including marketing strategies, reviews, and audience reception. Therefore, while predicting the box office performance of ‘Sam Bahadur’, it’s essential to consider these aspects. Keep an eye on the film’s progress in the coming weeks to see how it fares at the box office.

Directed byMeghna Gulzar
Written byBhavani Iyer
Shantanu Shrivastava
Meghna Gulzar
Produced byRonnie Screwvala
StarringVicky Kaushal
Fatima Sana Shaikh
Sanya Malhotra
CinematographyJay I. Patel
Edited byNitin Baid
Music byScore: Ketan Sodha
Songs: Shankar–Ehsaan–Loy
Production companyRSVP Movies
Distributed byWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Release date1 December 2023[1]
Running time148 minutes[2]
Budget₹55 crore

Sam Bahadur real story

The life story of Sam Manekshaw, India’s beloved first Field Marshal, is filled with remarkable incidents and achievements. Here are some lesser-known aspects of his life and distinguished military career:

Sam was born in Amritsar and raised in Punjab. He was naturally fluent in Punjabi, which he used to converse with Sikh soldiers during his military service .

Sam was a victim of a vicious attack from his own troops. This incident occurred when he was serving as the Colonel of the Regiment for 8 Gorkha Rifles. Despite this, he maintained a close relationship with them .

During the 1948-49 Kashmir War, Sam showed his compassion and humanity when he delivered the Quran to a Pakistani PoW who had asked for it .

Sam earned the affectionate title of ‘Sam Bahadur’ from the troops of 8 Gorkha Rifles whom he held very close. However, he never served with Gorkhas .

Sam was highly respected by his junior officers. One of them, Lt Col Harbans Singh, wrote a biography titled ‘Sam Bahadur: The Man, The Legend’ to pay tribute to his mentor .

Sam’s seniors, including Field Marshals Cariappa and Sam Mujumdar, also held him in high regard .

Sam was awarded the ‘Param Vir Chakra’, the highest military honor, for his gallantry during the 1962 India-China War .

Sam Bahadur history

Field Marshal Sam Bahadur, also known as Sam Bahadur or “Sam the Brave”, was a prominent figure in the Indian Army and the country’s defense forces. His career spanned four decades and five wars, beginning with service in World War II.

Early Life and Education:

Born on 3rd April 1914 as the eldest son of a Pathan family in Amritsar, Punjab, he was initially educated in Amritsar and then moved to Lahore for further studies .

Military Career:

He joined the Indian Army as an officer cadet in 1933, and was commissioned into the 4th Battalion of the Punjab Regiment . During World War II, he served in various capacities, including commanding a battalion in the Burma campaign .

Promotion and Key Positions:

He was the first Indian Army officer to be promoted to the rank of field marshal. His active military career spanned four decades and five wars. He held several key positions, including:

  • 7th Chief of the Army Staff, India (1969-73).
  • Chief of General Staff (CGS) from 15th January 1973 to 8th June 1973.
  • General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Command (1964-69).
  • General Officer Commanding, IV Corps (1963).

Retirement and Later Years:

He retired on 27th June 1973, after which he served as the President from 25th July 1982 to 24th July 1987. After his retirement, he continued to be involved in various social and military activities.

Thus, Field Marshal Sam Bahadur’s life and contributions represent a significant chapter in the history of the Indian Army and the nation’s defense forces. His achievements and influence serve as an inspiration for future generations of military officers and leaders in India.

Budget of Sam Bahadur

Budget of Sam Bahadur movie is 55 crore according to wikipedia.

Sam Bahadur trailer

“Sam Bahadur” is a movie worth watching, especially for fans of military history and Indian cinema. However, it might not be for everyone due to its slow pace and narrative complexity. Be prepared for an immersive experience into the life of one of India’s most revered military leaders.

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