Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan to host Bigg Boss 17 on sunday

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According to a recent reports, brothers Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan will co-host the upcoming Bigg Boss 17 on Sundays. This is a first for the duo, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the show’s history.

Long-standing host Salman Khan, who has been anchoring the show for over a decade, will reportedly take a break from the Sunday episodes of Bigg Boss 17. However, he will continue his hosting duties for the Friday and Saturday ‘Ka War’ episodes.

A source close to the production team shared, “Salman Khan has been the face of Bigg Boss for over a decade. This year, the show creators invited Sohail and Arbaaz, and they agreed to co-host the show.”

The source added, “Both Sohail and Arbaaz are popular actors with a deep understanding of the show. Their close relationship with Salman, coupled with their unique perspective, will bring a fresh and interesting dynamic to Bigg Boss 17.”

The viewers can anticipate a refreshing change as Sohail and Arbaaz bring their renowned humor and people skills to the Bigg Boss 17 weekend episodes. Their distinctive approach is expected to inject a new layer of entertainment into the show.

Fans of Bigg Boss are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the new season, anticipating a mix of drama, intrigue, and entertainment. It’ll be intriguing to see the lineup of contestants and observe their interactions throughout the season.

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