Grichka Bogdanoff Main Character From “He Bought” Dies at Age 72

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According to the scientists’ agent and Huffingtonpost of the Bogdanoff twins, Grégoire Yourévitch Ostasenko-Bogdanoff, died at the age of 72.

Grichka Bogdanoff died surrounded by his family and loved ones, according to a family letter posted by his agent. After the initial broadcast of the Temps X TV show, one of the country’s first science fiction programmes, the great scientist became well-known in France.

Since the creation of the “He bought?” meme, which became highly popular after 2018’s bitcoin market drop, the crypto community has shown its support for the Bogdanoff brothers.

The video meme was made by a content producer Bizonacci, who is known for making funny crypto and trading-related memes based on news from 4chan’s “Business and Finance” board.

The Bogdanoff twins, according to the series of humorous videos, are in charge of the whole global financial system and manipulate both crypto and regular markets. In addition to Grichka and Igor Bogdanoff, the series features other characters. While Igor Bogdanoff is the only one in the famous “He Bought? Dump It” photo, Grichka also starred in crypto-themed videos.

The Bogdanoff brothers previously claimed that they assisted Satoshi Nakamoto in creating Bitcoin by helping in the development of the digital currency’s source code. However, the statement has been seen as a joke in light of the twins’ fame in the Bitcoin sector.

Bogdanoff’s family and brother, Igor Bogdanoff, have already received condolences from the bitcoin and digital assets world in general.

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