Shirley Temple, Miss Little Miracle, Is Honored With A Google Doodle

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shirley temple doodle

 Shirley “Little Miss Miracle” Temple, an American actor, singer, dancer, and diplomat, was honoured with an animated doodle by Google today. On this day in 2015, the Santa Monica History Museum opened “Love, Shirley Temple,” a special exhibit featuring rare memorabilia from Shirley Temple.

Shirley Temple appears in the animated doodle as a diplomat, an award-winning actor, and a young dancing girl.

On three movie stubs, the name of the search engine appears at the bottom of the Doodle.

shirley temple image

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From an iconic child star to a breast cancer advocate, Shirley Temple’s journey is an extraordinary tale. Born on April 23, 1928 in Santa Monica, California, Ms Temple began training as a dancer when she was just three. She captivated the audience in the 1934 toe-tapping musical “Stand Up And Cheer” with her signature dimples, and blonde ringlet curls.

Shirley Temple’s journey from iconic child star to breast cancer advocate is remarkable. Ms Temple, who was born on April 23, 1928 in Santa Monica, California, began training as a dancer at the age of three. With her signature dimples and blonde ringlet curls, she captivated the audience in the 1934 toe-tapping musical “Stand Up And Cheer.”

Teresa Caltabiano, her granddaughter, commented on the Google Doodle and her grandmother’s legacy “Her family was at the centre of everything. We were fortunate to have known her, her love, courage, and strength. She is still adored and sadly missed, and we cherish our memories of her.”

james dunn and shirley temple
          James Dunn and Shirley Temple in Bright eyes

In 1934, Ms Temple appeared in a dozen films, including “Bright Eyes,” in which she performed one of her most famous routines, “On the Good Ship Lollipop.” Ms Temple was one of the most popular actors in American cinema before the age of ten, and she was the first child star to win an Academy Award at the age of six.

Ms Temple made waves in 1942 as “Junior Miss,” a radio sitcom about a teenage girl growing up in New York City. She continued to appear in films throughout her adolescence, and at the age of 22, she retired from the film industry as a Hollywood icon.

Shirley Temple was appointed as the United States’ representative to the United Nations in 1969. Her political career included environmental activism, including representing her country at the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment. In 1988, she was named an Honorary Foreign Service Officer in recognition of her diplomatic achievements, which included an ambassadorship to Ghana and becoming the State Department’s first female Chief of Protocol.

She passed away on February 10, 2014, at the age of 85, at her home in California. She was laid to rest at Alta Mesa Memorial Park.

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