Cricket Live Score: India win the match by 6 wickets, IND vs NZ 2nd T20 match

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Team India is facing New Zealand in the second match of T20 series on Sunday, January 29th in Lucknow. After a disappointing performance in the first match, Captain Hardik Pandya and coach Rahul Dravid may consider changes to the Playing XI. Players such as Rahul Tripathi, Ishan Kishan, and Arshdeep Singh may be replaced by Mukesh Kumar and Prithvi Shaw, who are waiting for an opportunity to prove themselves. Arshdeep Singh, in particular, struggled with the ball in the first T20I, leaking 27 runs. Additionally, Shubman Gill and Ishan Kishan also had disappointing performances in the first match.

India (Playing XI):

Shubman Gill, Ishan Kishan(w), Rahul Tripathi, Suryakumar Yadav, Hardik Pandya(c), Deepak Hooda, Washington Sundar, Shivam Mavi, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Arshdeep Singh.

New Zealand (Playing XI):

Finn Allen, Devon Conway(w), Mark Chapman, Glenn Phillips, Daryl Mitchell, Michael Bracewell, Mitchell Santner(c), Ish Sodhi, Jacob Duffy, Lockie Ferguson, Blair Tickner.

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Over 19.5 : India 101-4 (Pandya 15, Suryakumar Yadav 26)
6 balls and 6 runs are required. A single resulted from the first ball being edged away over the third-man area. Now we need 5 of the 5 balls! Sky made a play but missed it. PRESSURE!!! Of the final 4 balls, 5 are now required. The bowler misses the catch on the following delivery and the batting partnership dash through for a quick single. 3 balls and 4 needed. For a single, the fourth ball was slogged towards long on. Of the final two balls, three are required! Suryakumar Yadav does it for team India by slamming the ball away for a wicket as Sky is on strike.
India wins the match by 6 wickets and 1 ball to spare.
Over 19: India 94-4 (Pandya 13, Suryakumar Yadav 21)
Ferguson bowls his first over of the game with 13 runs needed off of 12 balls; he concedes a boundary and three singles. India advances toward triumph!
6 runs are needed from the last over!!
Over 18: India 87-4 (Pandya 7, Suryakumar Yadav 20)
In his fourth over, Santner concedes four singles on the first four balls, a dot on the fifth, and a single on the last ball.
5 runs come from this over as well.
Over 17: India 82-4 (Pandya 4, Suryakumar Yadav 18)
When Mark Chapman enters the attack, he gives three singles and a double. This game is coming close! It’s definitely going to be a close call!
5 runs come from this over.
Over 16: India 77-4 (Pandya 3, Suryakumar Yadav 15)
As he enters for his final over, Sodhi bowls a superb over, conceding only 4 singles. The conclusion of an excellent spell. 24 in 1 over, 1-24.
4 runs come from this over.
Over 15: India 73-4 (Pandya 1, Suryakumar Yadav 13)
Sundar is run out when Philips enters for his fourth over due to an error! On this over, only 2 singles were distributed.
2 runs come from he 15th over.
Over 14: India 71-3 (Sundar13, Suryakumar Yadav 10)
In his final over, Bracewell bowls a tight over and concedes four singles. This over also featured a dropped catch.
4 runs come from this over.
Over 13: India 66-3 (Sundar 8, Suryakumar Yadav 10)
The first two balls Sodhi bowls in his third over result in a pair and a single. The following several balls were worked away for singles, and SKY nudged the last ball of the over away for a couple.
9 runs come from this over.
Over 12: India 57-3 (Sundar 6, Suryakumar Yadav 4)
In his third over, Phillips concedes a boundary on the first ball, but he recovers effectively and concedes only two singles over the next four balls.
6 runs come from this over.
Over 11: India 51-3 (Sundar 1, Suryakumar Yadav 3)
Immediately after taking a drink break, Ish Sodhi has a breakthrough! India is making this chase appear challenging. Tripathi is fired and is apprehended! Only 2 singles are given away by Sodhi in this over as New Zealand tightens the clamps!
2 runs come from this over.
Over 10: India 49-2 (Rahul 13, Suryakumar Yadav 2)
In his third over, Santner bowls tightly, allowing only 3 singles to be scored.
3 runs come from this over.
Over 9: India 46-2 (Rahul 12, Suryakumar Yadav 0)
Ishan is run out on the fifth ball of Phillips’ second over after a couple of singles to get things going. Poor running between the wicket and outstanding fielding performance.
Only 3 runs come from this over.
Over 8: India 43-1 (Rahul 12, Kishan 16)
When Sodhi enters the attack, Rahul greets him with a boundary. From this over, 2 singles and a wide were also produced.
9 runs come from this over.
Over 7: India 34-1 (Rahul 5, Kishan 15)
When Phillips enters the attack, he concedes one of the first five balls, and the final ball was hit for a boundary.
5 runs come from this over.
Over 6: India 29-1 (Rahul 4, Kishan 11)
In his third over, Bracewell concedes a boundary as well as three singles.
7 runs come from this over.
Over 5: India 22-1 (Rahul 2, Kishan 6)
Santner start his 2nd over and bowls a tight one, excellent over goes , only 4 singles and a wide goes away.
5 runs come from this over.
Over 4: India 17-1 (Rahul 0, Kishan 4)
Bracewell took his 2nd over and Gill got out by getting caught behind!! HE gives only a single in this over.
1 run comes from this over.
Over 3: India 16-0 (Gill 11, Kishan 3)
Santner comes into the bowling and starts off with a wide, he bowls a wayward over, gets hit for a boundary. An expensive over.
7 runs come from this over.
Over 2: India 9-0 (Gill 8, Kishan 2)
Bracewell comes with new ball from the opposite end and gives only 2 singles.
2 runs come from this over.
Over 1: India 8-0 (Gill 7, Kishan 1)
Jacob Duffy starts the game for New Zealand by taking the new ball. He starts well by only giving away 4 singles in the first 5 balls, but the last ball goes out of line and is hit for a boundary by Gill.
8 runs come from the first over.
End of the 1st innings
New Zealand: 99/8 in 20 overs
Over 20: New Zealand 99-8 (Santner 20, Duffy 6)
Arshdeep comes in to bowl the final over of the innings, he starts with a couple of twos, followed by three balls that are not hit for runs, and a single on the last ball. India does an excellent job by not allowing New Zealand to score more than 100 runs.
New Zealand end the innings with 99 runs on they board with the loss of 8 wickets!!
Over 19: New Zealand 94-8 (Santner 15, Duffy 6)
Mavi starts to bowl, but the opposing team hits a boundary on the second ball of the over. On the third ball, a single is made. The remaining balls of the over result in a few singles and one wide ball is also bowled in this over.
11 runs come from this over.
Over 18: New Zealand 83-8 (Santner 12, Duffy 0)
With the introduction of Arshdeep Singh to the attack, the pressure on New Zealand increases as he also manages to claim a wicket. The opposing team is on the brink of a dramatic downfall, with only three singles scored in this over and a wicket falling on the last ball. New Zealand’s current score is 8 wickets down and 83 runs on the board.
3 runs come from the 18th over.
Over 17: New Zealand 80-6 (Santner 10, Sodhi 0)
In his final over, Pandya concedes three singles on the first five balls and takes a wicket on the final ball of his delivery! Bracewell is gone! New Zealand has 80 runs scored and is 4 down!
4 runs come from this over.
Over 16: New Zealand 76-5 (Santner 8, Bracewell 12)
Kuldeep enters for his final over and completes a strong spell by giving up only 4 singles!
4 runs come from this over.
Over 15: New Zealand 71-5 (Santner 6, Bracewell 9)
Pandya resumes his attack and concedes a wide and three singles.
4 runs come from this over.
Over 14: New Zealand 68-5 (Santner 5, Bracewell 7)
In his third over, Sundar concedes a single and a boundary. This over produces 5 runs. Here, New Zealand needs to act quickly.
5 runs come from this over.
Over 13: New Zealand 62-5 (Santner 1, Bracewell 6)
In this over, Hooda takes a wicket and only allows 4 singles. India is currently leading this game!
4 runs come from this over.
Over 12: New Zealand 58-4 (Chapman 13, Bracewell 4)
Kuldeep continues to impress with his tight bowling, giving up only 4 singles in his latest over. The New Zealand team is currently struggling to make progress on the scoreboard.
4 runs come from this over.
Over 11: New Zealand 54-4 (Mitchell11, Bracewell 2)
Hooda took the field for his third over, where he maintained a tight line and length, limiting the opposing team to a mere four singles and a double.
6 runs come from this over.
Over 10: New Zealand 48-4 (Mitchell 7, Bracewell 0)
Kuldeep delivered an outstanding over, conceding only 3 singles and dismissing the crucial batsman Daryl Mitchell with a fantastic delivery.
3 runs come from this over.
Over 9: New Zealand 45-3 (Mitchell 7, Chapman 5)
Deepak Hooda returns for his second over, he begins with a single on the first ball, followed by another single on the second ball. The third ball results in a dot, the fourth ball is hit for another single and the last ball of the over results in a couple of runs.
5 runs come from this over.
Over 8: New Zealand 40-3 (Mitchell 4, Chapman 3)
Kuldeep Yadav enters the attack and concedes a boundary and a single.
5 runs come from this over.
Over 7: New Zealand 35-3 (Mitchell 0, Chapman 2)
Deepak Hooda delivers a fantastic performance, taking a wicket and limiting the scoring to only 2 singles.
2 runs come from this over.
Deepak Hooda comes into the attack and claims a wicket, dismissing Phillips who gets bowled. New Zealand is in a dire situation, struggling to play against the spinners. With three wickets down and only 35 runs on the scoreboard, the team is in deep trouble.
Over 6: New Zealand 33-2 (Phillips 4, Chapman 1)
Yuzvendra Chahal returns for his second over and maintains a tight line and length, giving away only one single and a couple, but also a wide ball was bowled in this over.
4 runs come from this over.
Over 5: New Zealand 29-0 (Phillips 1, Chapman 1)
Washington Sundar comes in for his second over and delivers a quality performance, taking a wicket of Conway and conceding a wide ball and two singles. New Zealand find themselves in a difficult situation with this over.
8 runs come from this over.
Over 4: New Zealand 21-0 (Conway 10, Chapman 0)
Yuzvendra Chahal comes in to bowl for India and starts off strong, with a couple of dot balls. On the third ball, he claims his first wicket of the match by dismissing Allen, who plays a poor shot, misses the reverse sweep and gets bowled. The next batter, Mark Chapman, defends the fourth delivery back towards the bowler. The fifth delivery results in a big appeal for leg before wicket, but the umpire does not give the out. The over ends with a dot ball on the last delivery.
Only 1 run comes from this over.
Over 3: New Zealand 20-0 (Conway 10, Allen 11)
Finn starts off strong against Pandya, hitting back-to-back boundaries on the first two deliveries. However, Pandya manages to recover and limits the scoring to just three singles for the rest of the over.
10 runs come from this over.
Over 2: New Zealand 10-0 (Conway 9, Allen 1)
Washington Sundar takes the field as India brings in a new bowler, starting off with a dot ball and then allowing a couple of runs. The third ball is hit straight to the cover fielders, resulting in no runs. The following delivery is hit back to the bowler, another dot ball. The last ball of the over is hit towards mid-on, with no runs scored. The over ends with a couple of runs being scored off the final delivery.
4 runs come from this over.
Over 1: New Zealand 6-0 (Conway 5, Allen 1)
As the match begins, Hardik Pandya takes the field for India and bowls the first over. Despite conceding a boundary and two singles, the New Zealand side starts off the innings in a cautious manner.
6 runs come from the first over.
New Zealand have won the toss and have choosed to bat

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