Delhi NCR Air Pollution: No Odd-Even Rule for Now, Says Delhi Govt; SC Raps Punjab Over Stubble Burning

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The air quality in Delhi NCR has been deteriorating rapidly, and the government is taking measures to curb air pollution. The Delhi government has announced that there will be no odd-even rule for now, despite the rising pollution levels. The Supreme Court has also rapped Punjab over stubble burning, which is a major contributor to air pollution in the region.

Odd-Even Rule

The odd-even rule is a vehicle rationing scheme that was first introduced in 2016 by the AAP government to control vehicular pollution and bring down increasing particulate matter levels. Studies and research done on its impact in Delhi often suggested positive results in terms of vehicular congestion and air pollution. However, the government has so far not released any concrete evidence on the impact of the policy.

Stubble Burning

Stubble burning is a major contributor to air pollution in Delhi NCR. The Supreme Court has rapped Punjab over stubble burning and has asked the state government to take immediate action to curb the practice. The court has also asked the central government to come up with a plan to tackle the issue.

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