How to make money online for Beginners 2021-Step by Step guide

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How to make money online for beginners 

how to make money online for beginners

Every one of us once in a life has searched this term”How to make money online for beginner” on google because we all have this thought in our minds.

Every one of us wants to earn money being at our home and earn that much passive income so that we can increase our personal finances.

So, it’s time to build your own online business.

I’m going to tell you how you can earn money online in the right way doesn’t matter from which country you’re. Also, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about how to make money online.

Feeling excited!

So Am I

Let’s get started

Different methods to earn money online

1. Earn money by Blogging
2. Earn money by Facebook
3. Earn money by ebooks
4. Earn money by Instagram
5. Earn money from Youtube
6. Earn money from affiliate marketing
7. Earn money by Freelancing work
8. Sell an Online Course
9. Dropshipping

Here are some major methods by which people are living their dream and started making money and you can too make it work for you if you are willing to:- 

1. Earn money by Blogging

Blogging, the reason I listed blogging at topmost is because I find it one of the best sources of income. And the best part of blogging is that you can also do it as a side hustle/part-time to earn extra money other than your 9 to 5 job or any profession you are in.

Many of you had heard about blogging already, if not

No issue friends, I am here for you

So what is blogging?

Do you love writing?

Have good writing skills?

If yes, you can start a blog and become a blogger and can start your online income from the internet.

Yes! You heard it right.

You can make money online by writing blogs and articles.

But it’s not that easy as it looks. Many people give it a start but few of them give it a smooth end or we can say few people succeed in it.

And the reason is no patience, consistency, and desire to be an overnight millionaire.

Yes, blogging is a long-term investment. You can’t desire to be an overnight millionaire by doing blogging but you can desire to be a millionaire one day for sure by making it your passion and giving it a few hours of your day.

If I would have to wrap blogging in a few terms, those would be

Sharing your knowledge, Documenting your thoughts, making

Money, getting Popularity, and making a Social impact.

But to make a successful blog, you should know how to set it up in a good way. Writing is another thing, first, you should know how and where to get started.

As here I have to explain more methods too, so not making here that much rush,

You can read my article on how to make a blog and get the whole scenario of how, and what you need to start a blog here:-

How to make a blog

Go through this all, and you are all ready to be a blogger.

2. Earn money by Facebook

Yes, you read that right.

 You can also earn by Facebook, today almost everyone uses Facebook and it can be the easiest and best way to earn money online if you do it in the right way. 

Facebook, one of the biggest social media platforms also give their users the opportunity to earn money through it. Many people are already using this platform full time and making it their source of income.

Now the question that arises is how can you earn through Facebook?

No worries!

By the end of this article, you will be all set for earning money.

So, On Facebook, you can earn money in many ways. Some of them are –

  • Earn money through Facebook pages
  • You can earn through Facebook groups
  • Start selling products or services on Facebook

I have written some methods to earn money from Facebook.

You can read it here:-

How to earn money from Facebook

3. Earn money by ebooks

It is also one of the methods to earn money online in today’s generation. As our generation is not likely interested in reading books and they are more into their mobile phones, laptops or PCs.

That’s why today this way is more beneficial for earning money.

If you don’t know what Ebook is,

It is a book made of an electrical device or which we can read through an electronic device means a book which we read on our mobile phones, laptops, or pcs.

You write a book and after writing it, you type it into a file and convert that file into a PDF file, then it becomes an e-book and then any person can download it on his mobile phone or on his computer,

So nowadays many people are earning a lot of money by writing an e-book, here if you write an e-book once and then If you put this e-book for sale online, you will earn money as long as people will buy it.

Seem interesting?

Here, you can read in detail –

How to earn money from ebooks

4. Earn money by Instagram

Yes, buddy!

 Instagram can also let you become a millionaire.

If you are thinking why I’m telling you these methods to earn money

So, its because In today’s generation social media is one of the most important and regular parts of our life and these methods are not so complicated and are easy to execute methods and if you can earn by doing what you do in your daily life as surfing social media platforms so why not take it as a profession.

So, these apart we were talking about Instagram earning methods,

Instagram is huge and has a great potential that can really give you great money.

Big brands are now spending a large amount of their budget for gaining more customers and leads from Instagram. 

So it has become one of the best platforms for earning money by gaining popularity. So obviously you can give this platform a try, and you just have to make a profile and gain followers, and boom once you gained followers you can also earn money through it.

Feeling Curious!

Ok, just go through this article I have written and you will get detailed information about how you can earn through Instagram-

How to earn money from Instagram

5. Earn money from Youtube

You all would be aware of Youtube and earning money from youtube channels.

And it is one of the most used methods to earn money online because Youtube is the platform that gives you the liberty to express your thoughts, views and you can make your own content and show your skills and earn a good amount of money by it.

You may have seen many big YouTubers who are earning great money and living a lavish lifestyle and also gaining popularity just by making content on Youtube. So, it is obvious to us that Youtube has great potential.

6. Earn money from affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing you may have heard about this term if not, it is the term of marketing where you have to promote products of others and you will earn a commission for every product you sell. There are many big eCommerce platforms that give affiliate programs to their users to get their product sold and give them a percentage of that product MRP. It’s not only limited to eCommerce websites but many more things.

You can know about affiliate marketing in detail here –

How to earn money from affiliate marketing

7. Earn money by Freelancing work

Freelancing is one of the best ways to earn money without any investment. And the best part of freelancing is that you will earn for whatever you are good at, or have skill about. You just have to give your time & effort and you can really earn a great amount of money.

Many freelancers are already earning more than $5,000 each month!

And that’s just a half of what top freelancers earn, and if you have a great skill about something for which you can charge people, then you can surely do great in it.

Freelancing is one of the simplest things you can do online to make money because you can start freelancing just now, this time only.

You just have to create your freelancer account on Freelancing sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer and that’s it.

You are now a freelancer.

It can be also tough though because of the competition but as you know every field has competition you have to beat it so you have to choose a unique category and should be highly skilled in that.

The best part of doing freelancing work is you have the freedom to do your work from anywhere in this world, and at any time you like. Also, you don’t have to invest any money into it to start working as a freelancer.

8. Sell an Online Course

You can earn money by selling the course. If you are skilled at any subject you can make an online course on it and sell it and earn money through it. There are many platforms that offer money for your online courses.

You just have to create an online course on platforms like Udemy or Teachable and make your skills help you to create a good income. The time you invest in your course could make a side income by creating courses that give you a fabulous amount of value.

Some key points you should remember while creating an online course-

  • Choose the topic you are passionate about and want to share with the world.
  • What customer would you love to work with?
  • Reach out to your dream customer

9. Dropshipping

Last but not the least, Dropshipping is one of the best ways to earn money online.

You may know about this but if not, no worries, I am going to explain this to you.

Dropshipping is one of the best side hustle to earn a good passive income. It allows you to sell a product to the client while not having to shop for any inventory. You don’t invest any cash to shop for merchandise, keeping your risk low. The manufacturer not only carries the inventory however he also ships it to the client for you. Your main focus: selling and client service – the main terms of the business. If you’ve got a good selling background and wish a side hustle that plays to your strength, this is it. You get to be the owner of your own business.

So these are some of the best methods in 2021 which can let you earn great income just by working online.

I hope, you will find your way and it will add value to your life.

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