How do I check my Indegene IPO allotment status?

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Congratulations for participating in the Indegene IPO! Now that the allotment process is likely finalized (as of May 10, 2024), you’re probably eager to find out if you received any shares. Here’s a quick guide on how to check your Indegene IPO allotment status:

Two Easy Options:

There are two main ways to check your allotment status:

  1. Through the BSE Website:
    • Visit the BSE website:
    • Under “Issue Type,” select “Equity.”
    • From the “Issue Name” dropdown menu, choose “Indegene Limited.”
    • Enter your application number or PAN details (whichever you used during application).
    • Click “Search” and the results will display your allotment status.
  2. Through Link Intime India (Registrar):
    • Visit the Link Intime website:
    • Select “Indegene Limited” from the “Select Company” dropdown menu.
    • Choose your preferred option for checking the status: PAN number, application number, DPID/Client ID, or bank account details.
    • Enter the required information based on your chosen option.
    • Click “Search” and you’ll see your Indegene IPO allotment status.

What to Expect in the Results:

The results will show whether you received any shares and, if so, how many. You might also see additional information like the application money blocked and the refund status (if not allotted).

Important Reminders:

  • The allotment process is likely finalized on May 9th, 2024, and the results might be available on May 10th or shortly thereafter.
  • If you applied through a broker, they might also inform you about your allotment status.
  • Remember to use a reliable device and internet connection to access these websites.

Didn’t Get Allotted? No Worries!

If you didn’t receive any shares, don’t fret. IPOs are often heavily subscribed, meaning many applicants don’t get allotted shares. You can expect a refund of your application money within a few days, typically starting on May 10th or by May 11th.

We hope this information helps you easily check your Indegene IPO allotment status. Good luck!

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