The Beginner’s Guide to How to Write an Ebook and Make Money

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What are ebooks?

how to make money by ebooks

 The first word is “e” and the second word is the “book”. Here “e” means electronic or we can also call it internet and “Book” means a book, a book that is made by an electrical device and which we can read through an electronic device.

For example, You write a book and after writing it, you type it into a file and convert that file into a PDF file, then it becomes an e-book and then any person can download it on his mobile phone or on his computer, so nowadays many people are earning a lot of money by writing an e-book, here if you write an e-book once and then If you put this e-book for sale online, you will earn money as long as people will buy it.

Starting an Ebook Business

So, how you can start an e-book business?

So first of all, you have to think about which topic you want to write the e-book when you think this, then you have to start writing your e-book.

When you write your e-book, you have to check it again to see if there are any mistakes in it, when you are done, after that you can convert your e-book to PDF.

After this, you have to prepare a cover photo of your e-book, after seeing that people can understand what you have written inside the book or if someone has to buy it or not, then they will get to learn things. Like all other ebooks, taking inspiration from them, you will also have to prepare the cover of your e-book.

When you prepare the cover of your e-book, then you have to prepare a short description of your e-book so that the person who buys the book will know whether the e-book is of its use or not. 

After that, you have to make a table of the topics you have covered in your e-book and write all the topics that are written inside your book.

After doing so much, now it comes to selling the e-book so that you can earn by it, now you have to list your book for sale.

So you have to go to the website called Kindle and make your registration there. Kindle is also the website of Amazon. You can sell an e-book through the Kindle. After registering, you can put your e-book for sale.

When your e-book is listed for sale on the candle, then any person can buy your e-book from Kindle and when someone buys your book, they will have to pay online as soon as they pay to buy the ebook the money will be sent to your account by Kindle Company

Friends, the other way is to register yourself by visiting the website named Instamojo, you can sell your e-book there too, and when anyone will buy your e-book from your Instamojo account, their money will be sent to your bank account.

If you want to earn a lot of money from an e-book, then you have to follow some things which I am telling you here if you follow those things, then you can earn thousands of millions of rupees through your e-book, from only one book.

How to earn money from ebook?

So before you write an ebook, you have to see where you will get the content for the ebook, you have to write your e-book very well so that people can get benefit from your book. You should write important things in your book which are less known to people. Do not write the book thinking about your benefit, but for readers’ benefit.

When you write a good book that is also useful for others, then you will become the best seller. The platform in which you will become the best seller will show your book to more people so your book can be sold and you will be able to earn more money from there. You have to write good content for your book, only then you will have a good rating. 

Marketing Your Ebook

When people write an ebook in the beginning and sell it, there are chances that the sale is not satisfying and most people start getting upset and lose their hope because they are unable to earn anything from it. But it should not be like that, you should never lose hope in your work, there are many ways to do one work. You should try to apply them all and analyze which one is working best for you.

In the case of an ebook, when you write your book and list it for selling, then you have to market your ebook. By marketing, many people can buy your ebook and it will reach more people and you will earn much more money.

Let me tell you some more things that you have to remember before writing an e-book so that you can earn a lot of money from the e-book you have written.

You have to write your book on the topic whose knowledge you have, do not write your ebook after seeing others, you should write an ebook on the topic you are good at.

Do not over-speak in your book, if you write the whole thing in fewer words, you will save people’s time and those people will learn a lot more in less time, this will make your ebook more liked 

You have to write your e-book in a very simple language. Do not use difficult words. You should never use such words, that your buyers have to use the dictionary to understand your words. Always write your book in simple language.

You have to make your e-book cover very professional because there is a saying in English that “First impression is the last impression”

because the grave of your ebook is the first impression. If your ebook cover is bad then your first impression will be spoiled and people will not buy your ebook.

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