What to look for when buying a laptop (laptop buying guide)

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 If you’re on the hunt for a new laptop to keep you connected, you’ll want to keep in mind some factors that matter most. 

After all, a durable and affordable PC has more staying power than any other piece of tech you own. 

Sometimes buying a laptop can be very confusing when you have no or little knowledge about them.

There are so many laptop brands with different specifications and designs but making the right choice can be quite difficult sometimes.

Looking for a laptop deal? 

Think of it as an investment in yourself.

laptop buying guide


Here are a few things to look for when buying a laptop instead-


At the top of the list, processor (or CPU) is the most important component in any computer. It’s responsible for performing all the hardware, such as graphics and communication between the various components, that’s in a computer. The processor has a huge impact on speed, and it will likely be the single biggest difference between a fast and slow system.

Most consumers will want a fast processor, one that can keep up with their multitasking, web browsing, gaming, and streaming video.

I3 processor is recommended for an ideal and inbudget laptops for normal work

But if you want laptop for gaming or editing or using heavy softwares you should go for atleast I5 or I7.



Make sure the laptop has a glossy screen and resolution.The reason behind this is that backlighting on the screen is less and LCD produces a better contrast than LED.

While purchasing laptop you should check its resolution because a good resolution results in good videos and image quality.


If you are someone who requires alot of graphics work, then go for a MacBook. The laptop will cost you around Rs 50,000 onwards (Price of MacBook from India).

If you consider buying some cheap laptop but the issue with these are that the laptop case will become heavy. So try and go for a laptop that does not come with a case.

So You should make sure you purchase laptop according to your needs in terms of graphic card.


One of the main things for a new laptop buyers is the display. Screen size is another important parameter. The size of the screen should be sufficient to fit on the lap of the person who is going to use it. A 14inch screen is recommended as a good size for laptop screen.

So don’t compromise on this.

Weight and design

The weight is always a factor when looking for a laptop. Some prefer the light laptop because it is more convenient. It is advised to check out if it is easy to carry around, and if it does not have a large display screen. It can also be helpful to look at reviews to know what other people are saying about a product so you can make an informed choice.



Random access Memory is also an important feature while purchasing laptop.

You should atleast go for 4 gb or above ram and if possible make sure laptop can be upgraded further in future and RAM can be increased if needed.


Hard disk

We recomend you to purchase SSD instead of hard disk,It is little costly in comparison to hard disk but you will not regret as it will make your laptop process fast.And if you are purchasing harddisk  RPM of hard disk should be higher than normal.

In future if you need to upgrade your hard disk, you can always upgrade it.


Battery backup is also the main factor and you should check if the laptop you are purchasing have good battery backup.And make decision according to the time and work you are going to spend on laptop.

























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