101 Question Quotes to inspire & motivate you

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Question quotes

Here are 101 Question Quotes to inspire & motivate you-

 Freedom is the right to question and change the established way of doing things.

– Ronald Reagan


Questions give us no rest. We know not why our curse makes us seek we know not what, ever and ever. But we cannot resist it. It whispers to us that there are great things on this earth of ours and that we must know them.

– Ayn Rand

A question is a trap, and an answer your foot in it.

– John Steinbeck

A question is not just there to be answered. It is also there to answer.

– Anonymous

  If the present Congress errs in too much talking, how can it be otherwise in a body to which the people send one hundred and fifty lawyers, whose trade it is to question everything, yield nothing, and talk by the hour?

– Thomas Jefferson

Philosophy is to be studied, not for the sake of any definite answers to its questions, since no definite answers can, as a rule, be known to be true, but rather for the sake of the questions themselves; because these questions enlarge our conception of what is possible, enrich our intellectual imagination and diminish the dogmatic assurance which closes the mind against speculation; but above all because, through the greatness of the universe which philosophy contemplates, the mind is also rendered great, and becomes capable of that union with the universe which constitutes its highest good.

– Bertrand Russell

Everyone’s sleeping through life. Afraid that their questions Just might have answers

– Linkin Park

Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart. Try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books written in a foreign language. Do not now look for the answers. They cannot now be given to you because you could not live them. It is a question of experiencing everything. At present, you need to live the question. Perhaps you will gradually, without even noticing it, find yourself experiencing the answer, some distant day.

– Rainer Maria Rilke

Can a mortal ask questions which God finds unanswerable? Quite easily, I should think. All nonsense questions are unanswerable. How many hours are there in a mile? Is yellow square or round? Probably half the questions we ask — half our great theological and metaphysical problems — are like that.

He who asks a question remains a fool for five minutes. He who does not ask remains a fool forever.

Unanswered questions aren’t threats; they’re challenges and catalysts.

If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.

– Thomas Pynchon

Questioning the ostensibly unquestionable premises of our way of life is arguably the most urgent of services we owe our fellow humans and ourselves.

– Zygmunt Bauman

It is really quite impossible to be affirmative about anything which one refuses to question; one is doomed to remain inarticulate about anything which one hasn’t, by an act of the imagination, made one’s own.

– James Baldwin

The best answer to a question is putting the foot into the stirrup.

– Antar

Where were the answers to the truly deep questions? Religion promised those, though always in vague terms, while retreating from one line in the sand to the next. Don’t look past this boundary, they told Galileo, then Hutton, Darwin, Von Neumann, and Crick, always retreating with great dignity before the latest scientific advance, then drawing the next holy perimeter at the shadowy rim of knowledge.

– David Brin

Wisdom is understanding when to ask questions.

– Brain Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson

Every question possessed a power that did not lie in the answer.

The master key of knowledge is, indeed, persistent and frequent questioning.

– Peter Abelard

A prudent question is one-half of wisdom.

The one who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions.

– Confucius

The most serious mistakes are not being made as a result of wrong answers. The truly dangerous thing is asking the wrong question.

  Peter Drucker

Only the one who does not question is safe from making a mistake.

  Albert Einstein

The power to question is the basis of all human progress.

  Indira Gandhi

What are you trying to do – one of the easiest to ask and most difficult to answer questions.

 Robert K. Greenleaf

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?

  Martin Luther King, Jr.

There are no right answers to wrong questions.

 Ursula K. Le Guin

You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions.

– Naguib Mahfouz

Never ask a question unless the answer makes a difference.


There are no foolish questions and no man becomes a fool until he has stopped asking questions.

– Charles Proteus Steinmetz

The greatest compliment that was ever paid me was when someone asked me what I thought, and attended to my answer.

– Henry David Thoreau

It’s better to know some of the questions than all of the answers.

–   James Thurber

Questions are never indiscreet, answers sometimes are.

 Oscar Wilde

We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself.

 Lloyd Alexander

Put two ships in the open sea, without wind or tide, and, at last, they will come together. Throw two planets into space, and they will fall one on the other. Place two enemies in the midst of a crowd, and they will inevitably meet; it is a fatality, a question of time; that is all.

– Jules Verne

By doubting we are led to question, by questioning we arrive at the truth.

–  Peter Abelard

Positive feelings come from being honest about yourself and accepting your personality, and physical characteristics, warts and all; and, from belonging to a family that accepts you without question.

–  Willard Scott 

On two occasions I have been asked, ‘Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?’ I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question. 

For us, democracy is a question of human dignity. And human dignity is political freedom. 

– Olof Palme

The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.

– Ayn Rand

A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.

– Bruce Lee

Science is wonderfully equipped to answer the question ‘How?’ but it gets terribly confused when you ask the question ‘Why?’ 

– Erwin Chargaff

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’ 

– Martin Luther King, Jr

If your life were a book and you were the author, how would you want your story to go? That’s the question that changed my life forever.

 Amy Purdy

Question everything. Learn something. Answer nothing. 

– Euripides

It is important that students bring a certain ragamuffin, barefoot irreverence to their studies; they are not here to worship what is known, but to question it. 

– Jacob Bronowski

It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question. 

– Eugene Ionesco

The question isn’t, ‘What do we want to know about people?’, It’s, ‘What do people want to tell about themselves?’ 

– Mark Zuckerberg

It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it. 

– Joseph Joubert

The one question I would have for Donald Trump is inspired by his ‘Make America Great Again’ cap. I would ask him, ‘When was America great? When did America not have an economic depression or a war?’ 

– Tech N9ne

Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blindfolded fear. 

– Thomas Jefferson

Far better an approximate answer to the right question, which is often vague, than the exact answer to the wrong question, which can always be made precise.

–  John Tukey

People often ask me why I don’t take up more heroine-oriented roles. My question is, ‘Where are these roles?’ I really appreciate actresses who sign only films with meaty roles. However, there aren’t too many of them. The industry is simply male-dominated.

 Samantha Akkineni

If you only hear one side of the story, at some point, you have to question who the writer is. 

– Clint Smith

The common question that gets asked in business is, ‘why?’ That’s a good question, but an equally valid question is, ‘why not?’ 

– Jeff Bezos

There are only two sides to this question. Every man must be for the United States or against it. There can be no neutrals in this war; only patriots and traitors. 

– Stephen Douglas

Bread for myself is a material question. Bread for my neighbor is a spiritual one. 

– Nikolai Berdyaev

The question is not whether we are able to change but whether we are changing fast enough. 

– Angela Merkel

Never answer the question that is asked of you. Answer the question that you wish had been asked of you. 

– Robert McNamara

When people ask me, ‘Are you happy?’ I respond with, ‘You’ve asked the wrong question.’ There is a deep kind of satisfaction you get from building a company. This kind of satisfaction transcends happy, sad, hard, or easy. I seek satisfaction. I want to be positively disruptive.

–  David Ulevitch

The most basic question is not what is best, but who shall decide what is best. 

– Thomas Sowell

To be or not to be is not a question of compromise. Either you be or you don’t be. 

– Golda Meir

All television is educational television. The question is: what is it teaching?

–  Nicholas Johnson

I always say: ‘Share your happiness with the world, give other people that happiness and let it come back,’ but some things make me question it. I don’t know if I want some people to know that I am happy. I think a lot of people want to take it away from you, and that’s really scary.

–  Iggy Azalea

Millennials, and the generations that follow, are shaping technology. This generation has grown up with computing in the palm of their hands. They are more socially and globally connected through mobile Internet devices than any prior generation. And they don’t question; they just learn. 

– Brad D. Smith

It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?

–  Henry David Thoreau

Never question the relevance of truth, but always question the truth of relevance.

–  Craig Bruce

Everybody has 24 hours and the question is, what do you do with your 24 hours? That’s what makes everybody equal. 

– Stedman Graham

A free press is the cornerstone of democracy; there is no question about that. 

– Hugh Grant

There should not be a question of legal or illegal immigration. People came and immigrated to this country from the time of the Indians. No one’s illegal. They should just be able to come.

–  Linda Ronstadt

To the dumb question, ‘Why me?’ the cosmos barely bothers to return the reply, ‘Why not?’ 

– Christopher Hitchens

The real question is, when will we draft an artificial intelligence bill of rights? What will that consist of? And who will get to decide that? 

– Gray Scott

No decisions should ever be made without asking the question, is this for the common good?

–  Michael Moore

We are seeing more managed money and, to an extent, institutional money entering the space. Anecdotally speaking, I know of many people who are working at hedge funds or other investment managers who are trading cryptocurrency personally, the question is, when do people start doing it with their firms and funds?

– Olaf Carlson-Wee

The power to question is the basis of all human progress. 

– Indira Gandhi

He who frames the question wins the debate. 

– Randall Terry

The key to wisdom is this – constant and frequent questioning, for by doubting we are led to question, and by questioning we arrive at the truth. 

– Peter Abelard

When you play Bobby, it is not a question if you win or lose. It is a question if you survive.

–  Boris Spassky

Think for yourself and question authority. 

– Timothy Leary

The best scientists and explorers have the attributes of kids! They ask questions and have a sense of wonder. They have curiosity. ‘Who, what, where, why, when, and how!’ They never stop asking questions, and I never stop asking questions, just like a five-year-old. 

– Sylvia Earle

The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?

–  David Attenborough

When it is a question of money, everybody is of the same religion. 

– Voltaire

I’m very proud to be black, but black is not all I am. That’s my cultural historical background, my genetic makeup, but it’s not all of who I am nor is it the basis from which I answer every question. 

– Denzel Washington

If love is the answer, could you please rephrase the question?

There are two answers to every question – God’s answer and everybody else’s – and everybody else is wrong when they disagree with him. 

– Tony Evans

Play is the answer to the question, ‘How does anything new come about?’ 

– Jean Piaget

The old question ‘Is it in the database?’ will be replaced by ‘Is it on the blockchain?’ 

– William Mougayar

The question that we must ask is whether we are making progress toward the goal of universal peace. Or are we caught up on a treadmill of history, turning forever on the axle of mindless aggression and self-destruction? 

– F. W. de Klerk

The question isn’t at what age I want to retire, it’s at what income. 

– George Foreman

If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing. 

– W. Edwards Deming

Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question. 

– e. e. cummings

It’s no longer a question of staying healthy. It’s a question of finding a sickness you like.


– Jackie Mason

When does life begin? When does the soul enter? That’s a religious question. Science is not going to be able to help with that.

– Francis Collins

Flattery and insults raise the same question: What do you want?

– Mason Cooley

For me, art is supposed to be a question mark.

 Marilyn Manson

Everyone in the dating business wants to know what women want – it’s the billion-dollar question. But it’s simple: put one in charge, and you find out.

 Whitney Wolfe Herd

I’m very outspoken. I will ask a silly question, but I really am deadly serious. I’m like, ‘I want to know the answer.


– Millie Bobby Brown

Every question is a hypothetical question for everyone but the person who asks it. 

– Dan Savage

There are two sides to every question: my side and the wrong side.

– Oscar Levant

The marvelous thing about a good question is that it shapes our identity as much by asking as it does by answering.

– David Whyte

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