Whatsapp Group calls will no longer be missed-New feature rolling out

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Whatsapp is introducing a new feature that allows users to join a group call after it has begun.

Even if someone misses a group call, there is no need to be concerned. You can dial into an active group call and rejoin whenever you want.
WhatsApp also added a ‘Call Details’ screen so you can see who is on the call and who has been invited but hasn’t yet joined. 
You can join a call later if you tap Cut call. All you have to do is go to the Calls tab and tap on the phone number.
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Many of us are separated from our loved ones. In such a situation, talking on a group call with friends and family seems to shorten the distance, and if we ever miss a special moment in such a situation, it also hurts.
People enjoy group calls, so we are working to improve them so that our users have a better experience. Group calls are completely secure and private.

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