Big Boss OTT 2: Puneet Superstar Wild Card Entry

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Puneet superstar is an Instagram sensation who was seen in Big Boss OTT season 2 and got evicted within 24 hrs from Big Boss house.After getting evicted his fans bombarded whole internet and social media channels and ran campagin to boycott bigboss OTT and called show biased.

From some sources,because of this Jiocinema in which Big Boss OTT was streaming its rating got decreased. But Puneet Superstar eviction was a blessing for him as his instagram handle got more than 1 million followers within 7 days of his eviction and are still growing.

Puneet Superstar is known as “Lord Puneet” by his fans as he can make anything in his video or say anything to anyone.Now everyone want Puneet to be in show.

As there are not any sources or claims yet that Puneet will return in Big Boss OTT 2 as wild card but there are high chances that he can return as after his eviction BigBoss TRP got hindered and his return can make Big Boss OTT 2 TRP go very high as this show is famous for controversies and “Lord Puneet” is a controversy..

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