Manisha Rani’s Family: Parents and siblings

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We’ve all had a good laugh at Manisha Rani’s hilarious jokes on Big Boss Ott2. However, there’s a touching story hidden behind that cheerful smile. Her family situation is far from ideal. She lives with her dad, who’s her sole caretaker.

Manisha Rani’s Family Overview

Father NameManoj kumar
Mother NameRagini Devi
BrotherRahul Raj(Eldest brother)
Rohit Raj(Younger brother)
SisterSharika Rani(eldest sister)

Manisha Rani’s Family

Manisha Rani’s family lives in Munger, Bihar, about 5 hours away from Patna. She’s not alone in her family; she has three siblings. They all reside in a big, joint family setup that includes her dad, his four brothers, as well as her grandparents – both her grandmother and grandfather are part of this close-knit household.

Manisha Rani Parents

Manisha Rani’s dad is named Manoj Kumar, and her mom is Ragini Devi. Back when she was in the fifth grade, her parents went their separate ways due to some family issues. Her mother chose to settle down with someone else, leaving her father to care for the family.

Her father works in a courier department and took on the roles of both mom and dad. Manisha had to juggle cooking, studying, and managing everything by herself. Even though her parents separated, her dad never considered marrying again because he wanted to ensure the best care for his children.

Initially, her father wasn’t on board with her acting and dance pursuits. However, as time passed and he saw her unwavering passion and determination, he began to support her in her chosen career path.

Manisha Rani Siblings

Manisha isn’t the only child in her family; she has three siblings. Her eldest brother, Rahul Raj, her eldest sister, Sharika, and her younger brother, Rohit Raj. Among them, her elder sister, Sharika, has consistently been a strong supporter of her dancing career.

After their parents’ separation, Manisha and Sharika joined forces to take care of the family. They shared responsibilities, handling the cooking and family management together.

In the early days, when their dad wasn’t quite on board with Manisha’s dreams, it was her elder sister, Sharika, who provided the much-needed encouragement and stood by her side, pushing her to pursue her aspirations.

Frequently asked questions

What is the name of Manisha Rani’s father?

Her father’s name is Manoj Kumar 

How many siblings does Manisha Rani have?

She has three siblings. Rahul Raj(eldest brother),Sharika(eldest sister) and Rohit Raj(youngest brother)

What is the name of Manisha Rani’s mother?

Her mother’s name is Ragini Devi.

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