PM Modi hold interactive session with students “Exam Warriors” today in “Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023” event

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The registration for PM Narendra Modi’s annual Pariksha Pe Charcha event, where he interacts with students appearing in the forthcoming board examinations, has seen a significant increase compared to last year. The Pariksha Pe Charcha program led by PM Modi begun at 11 am and streamed live for students, teachers, and parents to watch. The event took place at the Talkatora Indoor Stadium.The registration for PM Narendra Modi’s annual Pariksha Pe Charcha event has seen a significant increase, with a total of 38.8 lakh people registering this year. This includes 31.24 lakh students, 5.6 lakh teachers and 1.95 lakh parents, which is a 15.7 lakh increase from last year’s event.

What is Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023 event?

PM Modi holds annual event, Pariksha Pe Charcha, where he engages with students preparing for upcoming board exams and addresses their concerns about exam stress and other related topics.

Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023″ event live updates

Prime Minister Modi engaged in a conversation about examinations, sharing that he too is taking an examination alongside millions of students across the country and finds joy in the process.

PM Modi advised students that even if they perform well, there will still be new expectations from them. He acknowledged that there is pressure from all sides, but urged them to not give in to it and emphasized the importance of staying focused on their goals in order to overcome any challenges they may face. He urged the students to not let the pressure get to them and to never be overwhelmed by it.

PM Modi warned that pressure from families to maintain “social status” can be dangerous, and urged students to focus on their own goals and aspirations.

PM Modi emphasized the importance of time management, not just for exams but also in life. He stated that when tasks are not completed on time, they tend to pile up and lead to feelings of exhaustion. However, working and completing tasks on time brings satisfaction.

PM Modi advised students to avoid pressure by thinking, analyzing, and acting before giving their best effort to achieve their goals.

PM Modi advised students to manage their time effectively, not only for exams, but also in all aspects of life. He suggested creating a schedule where they dedicate time to subjects they dislike first and then move on to subjects they enjoy.

PM Modi advised students to first understand the task at hand and focus on what is necessary to achieve their goals. He emphasized the importance of “smart hard work” in order to achieve success.

PM Modi expressed concern over the average screen-time of six hours for gadget-users in the country, saying it wastes a person’s time and energy without being productive and poses a threat to creativity.

PM Modi advised to pay attention to who the critic is and to take criticism positively, but to not let habitual critics affect one’s emotions. He suggested to separate oneself from these individuals as they may not have good intentions.

PM Modi advised that when considering criticism, it’s important to consider the source. He suggested that if someone gives constructive feedback on your work, take it positively. However, if the criticism is not useful, don’t let it anger you. He suggested that if someone habitually gives unhelpful criticism, it’s best to put them in a “box” and not let their intentions affect you.

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