Song on Millets Featuring PM Modi Nominated for Grammy Award

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The song “Abundance in Millets” featuring a speech by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been nominated for a Grammy Award this year. The song emphasizes the health benefits of millets, underscoring their importance in fostering sustainable agriculture. Composed and performed by Falguni and Gaurav, the song was released in June 2023 to honor the International Year of Millets.

The Grammy-nominated “Abundance in Millets” not only outlines the health advantages of millets but also features an inspiring speech by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This song, which was beautifully composed and sung by Falguni and Gaurav, was launched in June 2023 as a celebration of the International Year of Millets.

The song “Abundance in Millets,” released in June 2023, stars PM Modi and is nominated for the Grammy Awards in the “Best Global Music Performance” category. This song, focusing on the healthful qualities of millets and their contribution to sustainable agriculture, was a tribute to the International Year of Millets.

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