Bigg Boss 17:Clash between Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma

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In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 17, a heated argument broke out between husband-and-wife Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma1

The argument escalated quickly, with both parties shouting at each other and losing control. Aishwarya Sharma told Neil Bhatt to “shut up” and called him “pagal” (crazy) 2

The argument was so intense that Neil Bhatt even tried to hit Aishwarya Sharma with a pillow4

The fight was one of the biggest fights between the couple, who had been in a few fights before3.

 The incident has caused a stir among Bigg Boss fans, with many taking to social media to express their opinions. The fight has also been covered by various news outlets, including Times Now, India Today, and Pinkvilla123

The incident has been captured on camera and can be viewed on YouTube

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